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Our business deals with making a warrior out of an ordinary man. If you choose to join Manas Defence Academy, you must be aware that it requires you to sacrifice your comfort for the good of the nation.


At Manas Defence Academy, our tried and tested method of creating soldiers has given us immense pride. Here you will not only prepare for the NDA exam but also learn the way of the warrior, his mindset, the physical attributes required for serving your country with complete dedication and resolve.


We have 25+ years of experience in this field. Therefore we are aware of the needs of candidates from the word go. Whether it be the SSB exam, interview preparation or the physical training aspect of cracking NDA, we cover all. Enrol now for the fresh batch and live a life that others can only dream about.


Manas Defence Academy, one of the premier defence training institutes of the country.

Manas Defence Academy

Founder’s Message

I am honoured to welcome you all to Manas Defence Academy where we create future defenders and courageous warriors of the country. Our institute stands as a beacon of best defence related education and we take pride in its quality. Imparting knowledge is not the sole focus of our training here at Manas. We dig deep into the psyche of the aspirant, tailor our methodology accordingly and instil the values of resilience, courage, discipline and integrity into their minds. All this is done along with maintaining the basic hygiene of test preparation, physical rigour and interview readiness.


We want our students to have a rewarding career in the Armed Forces. For this we have developed a world class pedagogy, training modules and state-of-the art set-up to engage the young, brilliant minds of our aspirants and provide them the best education possible. Our learned faculty is always at the beck-and-call of our students and  are ready to provide them with ample opportunities to learn the basics, master the intermediaries and make the final push.


It is with humble gratitude that I invite you to join us in this journey of transforming the lives of not only yourself but the entire country’s future. Help us in nurturing the future guardians of the nation. Your dream of serving your nation begins here.

Mr. Manish Sehgal

Founder, Director

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282/1, Kaulagarh Rd, Rajender Nagar, Dehradun, Uttarakhand 248001

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