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We welcome you to Manas Defence Academy where we help you towards your ultimate destination- the Indian Armed Forces! Our Foundational Course after 10th is a crucial stepping stone, designed to instil the core values and skills essential for a successful career in defence.

All-encompassing Academic Foundation:

- Complete focus on modules covering science, humanities, and military studies.

Physical Fitness Training:

- Emphasis provided on living a healthy lifestyle and training for endurance, strength and agility.

Instilling Leadership Skills:

Providing practical lessons on fostering decision-making capabilities and as ense of responsibility.

Soft Skills Training:

Workshops and counselling sessions focused on creating an immaculate communicative response from our candidates.

Military Exposure:

Guest lectures by distinguished military personnel to inspire and motivate. Following are the part of the curriculum designed for the said foundational course for NDA exam:

- Schooling (11th-12th)
-Coaching for NDA
-SSB Interview Preparation
-Physical Training
-Sports and Games
-Drills and Parade Training
-Spoken English
-Test Series
-Educational Tours
-Extra-curricular Activities like Quiz, Debate, Singing Dancing, Cultural Programs, Guest Lectures, Social Programs, Personality Development, Marathons etc.
-Science Practicals

Manas Defence Academy

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Manas Defence Academy

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Manas Defence Academy

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