Manas Defence Academy
Forging warriors, shaping leaders
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Manas Defence Academy
Forging warriors, shaping leaders
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Admission open for NDA | NDA Foundation | AFCAT | SSB | AGNIVEER | RIMC | Sainik school / RMS 6th & 9th class : ENROLL NOW TO GET EARLY BIRD OFFER

Our Courses

NDA Foundation

Manas defence academy is the best NDA coaching in Dehradun. Our NDA Foundation course is a preparatory program designed for students in class 10th or 11th who want to build a strong foundation in the subjects covered in the NDA exam.

NDA Course

Those in need of NDA preparation in Dehradun should go no further than Manas Defence Academy. As we prove the best NDA coaching in Dehradun we are here to help you succeed on the NDA entrance exam, we will give you all the resources and information…

AFCAT Course

Candidates for the Air Force Candidate Assessment Test (AFCAT) must be well-prepared and score highly on the AFCAT. To prepare for the Air Force Admissions Test (AFCAT), Dehradun residents should attend Manas Defence Academy. 

SSB Course

Officers in the Indian Armed Forces (Army, Navy, and Air Force) are recruited and selected by the Service Selection Board. To determine who will be accepted into the service, the board follows a standardized procedure of evaluation system. 

RIMC Course

Your dream of an adventurous and rewarding career in the Indian Armed Forces is just a click away. We invite you to apply for the RIMC entrance exam preparation at Manas Defence Academy.

Agniveer Course

Holistic development of the candidate is what we aim for at Manas Defence Academy. At Manas Our collaboration with Agniveer brings a unique perspective to the training modules.

Sainik School

Get a headstart on your journey to the Indian Armed Forces, right from a young age with the meticulously designed curriculum covering every aspect of your studies and personality at Manas Defence Academy.

CDSE Course

We welcome you to Manas Defence Academy where we help you towards your ultimate destination- the Indian Armed Forces! Our CDSE Course designed to instil the core values and skills essential for a successful career in defence.

Foundation Course

We welcome you to Manas Defence Academy where we help you towards your ultimate destination- the Indian Armed Forces! Our Foundational Course after 10th is a crucial stepping stone, designed to instil the core values and skills essential for a successful career in defence.

About Us

Welcome to Manas Defence Academy

It would be a mistake to consider Manas Defence Academy as a mere preparation institute. It’s a battleground, a crucible where a rookie has only two choices- get moulded into the steel of a soldier or accept defeat and move on. With 25+ years of experience of churning out warrior after warrior, testing their nerves and resolve, our hardened faculty leaves no stone unturned to chafe out the weak and only select the deserving ones. It is because of these strict and gauging parameters, Manas Defence Academy has made its name as one of the premier institutes for National Defence Academy training and preparation. 

 Join us if you are inclined to dedicate your life to serve your country and live a rewarding life.

वीरत्वं परक्रमं धैर्यं, युद्धे धर्मे च वाजिनाम्।

"Courage, valour, and bravery are the true virtues of warriors in battle and righteousness"

Manas Defence Academy


There are several formidable reasons to choose Manas Defence Academy as your choice for defence studies:

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Manas Defence Academy

Physical Training

Without proper fitness, a career in the Armed Forces is not imaginable. Therefore focusing on the physical fitness of our candidates is one of the areas of our primary focus. Cracking the NDA exam requires the candidate to be at the prime of their fitness. Our all-encompassing fitness regime aims to enhance the agility, coordination, muscle memory and strength of the candidates. Performing daily drills is a requirement that they cannot bypass. Few of the exercises for developing the above-mentioned qualities include squats, running, push-ups, pull-ups and other body weight exercises that the candidate has to master before he/she can graduate.

Our Faculties

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Dr. Anshika Sehgal


Mr. Bhom Pun


Mr. Rahul Tanwar


K S Deopa


Student Testimonials

Chetna Bhatia Student

The level of education imparted at Manas Defense Academy is unmatched. I joined Manas only after trying out other institutes but I stopped my search here. The primary reason for my choice was the well-behaved staff, focus on basics and level of attention given by the staff towards aspirants. I would definitely recommend Manas Defence Studies to others.

Sanchit Mehandiratta Student

My learning curve got a huge bump after joining Manas Defense Academy. Earlier I used to have very basic knowledge about defence studies but after joining here I am illuminated to a whole new world of knowledge. This wealth of information has really made my life better all thanks to Manas Defence Academy. Great memories of this place!

Gaurav Gautam Student

Credit for my success as an accomplished service man goes to Manas Defence Academy that developed my character, honed my instincts and shined a bright light on my future. Can't thank them enough!

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NDA Exam

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Sainik School / RMS 6th & 9th Class

Sainik School / RMS 6th & 9th Class

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Manas Defence Academy Best quality preparation for RIMC Entrance Exam,

Foundation Course Curriculum after 10th

Foundation Course Curriculum after 10th

Manas Defence Academy Foundation Course Curriculum after 10thEnroll now Announcement:

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